Jobs & Skills

our contact

All expert computer scientists who are interested in working for ODZ are kindly requested to contact us at this e-mail address:

Alternatively, you can send us your documentation by mail or call the ODZ telephone number, see Contacts.

Satisfied employees are ODZ’s assets

Only satisfied employees are motivated to outdo themselves in their work and to fully commit themselves to serving our customers. If our employees are satisfied with ODF, then our customers are satisfied with ODZ’s employees.

Flexible working time models

Each ODZ employee may chose from several working time models.

They include variants with 20 to 40 days on holiday and 39 to 45 weekly working hours.

For special orders, the working time model must be adjusted according to customer requirements.

Further training

To keep tabs on the ever changing computing market, each employee has a yearly fixed allowance for further training. Upon discussion with the customer and ODZ, the employees define what, how and when they inted to do their further training courses paid by ODZ. Furthermore, ODZ supports its employees in their preparation work for any higher professional exams in computing and organisation.



Every good employee is supported by a family which makes it possible to be good in a job.

In order to make it possible that contacts within ODZ go well beyon the employees, regular activites are held involving the entire family of the employees.