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ODZ – the company
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1st Mission statement: ODZ – The Company

With our information science services of organization, consulting, coaching, analysis, programming, implementation and training, we strive to satisfy the needs of our customers optimally.

Our product is our know-how in information science technology in the above-named areas. We are not bound by any specific manufacturer and do not deal with agents or with similar contracts with a hardware or software deliverer or manufacturer.

The ODZ employees create individual software as well as partial solutions for companies and other concerns. We work on systems of all sizes, with all current programming languages, platforms and operational systems, from personal computers to larger systems. Our area of specialty is logistical software for wholesale dealers and traders as well as solutions for banks, insurance agencies and management companies. Within these projects we primarily concentrate on organization, project leadership and analysis. The only exceptions are straight programming tasks that do not encompass the named phases.

2nd Mission statement: Partnership between ODZ and its Customers

The foundation of our work for our clients is partnership. In every case, we guarantee a loyal and trustworthy relationship between ODZ and its customers.

3rd Mission statement: The ODZ Employees

The employees of ODZ are hired on the basis of a fixed set of considerations. Any person hired by ODZ must display an excellent know-how and a relationship to ODZ that is planned to last many years.

The most important qualities that we require of our employees are:

  • Top-notch expertise (proven via examination, for example as an information scientist)
  • Preparedness to provide excellent service
  • Good general training
  • Resilience, paired with a great amount of flexibility
  • Independent work with ODZ clients
  • Ability to accept responsibility
  • Desire to carry out projects
  • Social competence

4th Mission statement: ODZ as an Employer

Our employees are our capital.

Our employees’ motivation is of primary importance to us.

We strive to achieve this motivation through:

  • Equal treatment of all ODZ employees within the company, but they also possess a title or a respective function for representation to the outside (see Organigram)
  • Efforts to offer or find entirely suitable work
  • Employee’s exertion of influence on their career-related development
  • Internal and external training
  • Congenial company atmosphere
  • Great social security
  • Good remuneration
  • Allowed flexibility of working time with up to 8 weeks of vacation
  • ODZ bus

5th Mission statement: Our Goals for the Future

We wish to continually improve the quality of our services. We can and shall extend our services as and how new technologies and consulting areas are created. In the future, the fees for our services will lie somewhat above the middle of prices prevailing in the market, but will never be at the very top.

6th Mission statement: Our Environment

We will maintain a market-appropriate relationship with our competitors. For us the motto „The best will win“ means fair competition. Our company will actively work together with businesses and branch organizations. In these committees we wish to preserve, as far as is possible, the interests of the branches, of ODZ and of our employees. Since we aim at a strong training supporting within our organization, we have appointed experts and commission members to supervise the Swiss examinations for our fields of activities.

7th Mission statement: Conclusion

ODZ will earn profits in the market on the basis of the above Mission statements. Profits will be used to build up reserves, for the training of employees and for investments necessary to the running of the company.