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ODZ is a independent software company offering services as:

→ Organisation
→ Consulting
→ Coaching
→ Project-Management
→ Analysis
→ Realisation/Programming
→ Teaching
→ Implementation
→ Maintenance

Foundation of the company

ODZ stands for Organisation Datenverarbeitung Zweidler and was founded by Willi Zweidler in 1970. On 17 June 1971, the company was registered in the Commercial Register as a private company. On 1st January 2008, the company changed into a public limited company under the name ODZ AG and was registered in the Commercial Register with the following objectives:

The objective of the company is to carry out job-related tasks in connection with computer science projects during all phases of the project in the form of individual client solutions as well as through standard software employed by the client. Under this jurisdiction fall the activities of project organization, project management, project execution, analysis, programming, testing, introduction, training, maintenance, support, and further development. Furthermore, we are carrying out the construction of a new development and programming concept on the basis of a business-related IT catalogue of standards and of a language of business analysis that is to be newly defined; research and development. In addition, we respect national and international boundaries and associations. We support our workers with various expert protocols and in addition also implement certain measures in the hiring of personnel.

Company loyalty

Employee company loyalty is, as per June, 23 2017: 24,8 years.

Key Figures

On average, considered over many years, ODZ employs 9 staff members.

Yearly fee turnover is some 1.4 million Swiss francs.

Representation to the outside

Within the organization all workers are equal, but they also possess a title or a respective function for representation to the outside:

Willi Zweidler

President MBoA (Member Board of Administration)



Swiss certified merchant

Swiss A-levels of Type C (extra-occupational)

Company economist with a degree in business economics (extra-occupational)

Long-standing IT expert for the Swiss analytic and later organizational examinations (SGO)

Long-standing committee member for information science in the examination commission for Swiss organizations

Long-standing Vice president of the Swiss examination commission for organizations

Founding member of the GES company Swiss EDP service provider and software manufacturer, known today as SwissICT because of several mergers

Leader of the GES work group “Faster to better software” with the publication of the book with the same name

Leader of the SVD work group on IT costing with regards to IT norms (posterior BA-Standards)

Equal BVG commission AG representative

Owner single-member company ODZ for R&D BA-Language (BAL)



Fredy Peyer

Member MBoA

Advisor ODZ AG

Long-standig ODZ-collaborator



Flavio Vassalli

Vicepresident MBoA

Long-standing CIO at DENNER AG

Long-standing IT-Expert of the Swiss organizational examination

Long-standing committee member of information science in the examination committee for Swiss organizations

Advisor ODZ AG


Lilly Vontobel

Deputy vicedirector


Equal BVG commission AG representative


Marco Zollinger

Deputy CEO



Certificate: Development Consultant SAP NetWeaver – ABAP Workbench 2003

Equal BVG commission AN representative


Henriette Zweidler

Member Board of Administration

Advisor ODZ AG

The ODZ Advisory Board

This board has an advisory function and is composed of the following 6 members:

Fredy Peyer

R&D Advisor

Jürg Sachs

Alumni Advisor

Flavio Vassalli

IT Advisor

Dr. iur. Mario Vassalli

Legal Advisor

Henriette Zweidler

Advisor on female affairs

Willi Zweidler

Owner and Employer Advisor


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